Information Technology

Welcome from the Department Head

This course is the most recent course in the computing suite offered with Mumbai University. It is one of a new breed of IT courses which blends academic theory with industry standard tools and techniques, rather than using obscure frameworks and programming languages that are rarely seen outside the academic world.  There is much practical content. By the end of the course, you should not only understand abstract IT theory, you should also be able to apply that theory to build systems that work.

Computers are now part of everyday life, so much so that it can be hard to define what a Information Technology actually is.  A games console, a mobile phone, an iPod, the instrumentation in a modern sailing yacht (on the right) - are they computers?  They are certainly controlled by a computer, and therefore we think they are computers. This course prepares students for a career developing IT systems, whatever form they might take. And if you are interested in how IT / Computers really work, then this is the course for you.

This course is the most research focused of our computing courses, but even so of the emphasis of this course is on employability and current industry trends. So in addition to technical know-how, you will also study personal (and interpersonal) skills, a little business, a little maths and the legal and ethical frameworks within which all computing professionals must operate.

The first two years of the course provide a grounding in IT.  Please see the detailed course content.  The final year consists entirely of optional modules and a project, the topic of which is also a matter of choice.  This enables you to tailor your final year to fit your interests and intended career. 

Although the age of the course means that we have had very few graduates to date, the good news is that IT students are securing good placements.  The placement is most strongly recommended.  However we want students to enroll onto this course not only because of the employability prospects but also because of an interest in IT.  That means you must have an interest in IT / Computers and how they work. 

Under the guidance of the Head of Department, faculties are committed and ready to impart excellent technical knowledge to the students.

You will find our teaching style relaxed and informal, but don’t assume that this approach means
that we don’t care about the standard of work you produce; we do.  In addition, you will find there is much practical work; we believe in learning through doing.  That means we do work you (and also ourselves) hard.


The IT Department  houses a number of up to date well equipped specialist laboratories to extend our excellent general computing provision.  The labs are equipped with specialist software such as Oracle, Microsoft Visual Studio, Java, the Adobe Creative Suite and many other key products.  The main corporate operating system is Microsoft Windows, but many labs have Linux installed as well.   All labs provide free Internet access and many are open out of hours.

In addition to the above general-purpose facilities, we have a number of highly specialised ones.  There is a specialist networking lab that is equipped with more than 20 enterprise level network switches and routers, including wireless and VoIP devices. There is a dedicated security and software forensics laboratory.   We also have many special-purpose facilities for embedded system development and robotics.

  • Project / R & D Lab
  • Software Testing Lab
  • Computer Graphics & Image Processing Lab
  • Web Engineering Lab
  • Network Security Lab
  • System Software Lab
  • Database & Server Security Lab
  • Mobile Computing Lab
Kiran Deshpande
Assistant Professor & Head
Information Technology