Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Welcome from the Department Head

The department of electronics and telecommunication engineering was established in year 2014. It offers the Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. Presently the intake of students for course is 60. It is equipped with the following laboratories: 
  • Television engineering and PCB lab.
  • Power electronics and drives lab.
  • Electronic circuit lab.
  • Digital electronics and micro-processor lab.
  • Measurement and Control systems lab.
  • Electrical networks lab.
  • Communication lab.
The major equipments/kits available in the laboratories are digital storage oscilloscope, digital IC trainer, optical fiber trainer, spectrum analyzer, wireless data modem, microprocessor & microcontroller kits and other various analog and digital communication trainer kits. Also the laboratories are well equipped with various softwares like Matlab, Labview, Proteus, etc. 
The department vision is to nurture students to get acquainted with technology and adopt advances in technology and grow naturally. The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.
Electronics & Telecommunication engineers are responsible for designing various telecommunications equipment like modems, switches, routers and radio links. They are also responsible for developing test prototypes of integrated circuit components.
This branch has tremendous applications in fields such as Telephony, Telegraphy, Radio & TV broadcasting, Paging, Mobile Communication, Video Conferencing, Internet, e-mail, e-commerce, Industrial Automation, Military etc. As such there is no limit to its applications and scope as well. Everyday one finds a new addition in the application of this field.
Graduates of this stream get opportunity to work with several organizations in the domain of broadcasting, data communications, entertainment, custom manufacturing, and manufacturers of computer systems, interfaces, broadcasting and receiving equipment.
Today's era is of Information Technology. With the advent of the advance technologies in this field the whole world is becoming very easily accessible. Electronics and Telecommunication is the mother branch of IT. This branch is having wide scope in the public sector, Private sector as well as in Government sector. The professionals of this field will find a very good future prospectus since so many multinational companies are indented in the field of telecommunication.
Atul Deshpande
Associate Professor & Head
EXTC Engineering